Lawn Care

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IMG_0893IMG_0892mzt52Gutter Cleaning
To keep from getting clogged by debris and causing drainage problems gutter interiors should be cleaned out in the fall and again in the spring. We will clean out all of your gutters, including down spouts, and take the compost with us. Gutter exteriors are included in the price of a house wash (see "vinyl siding").

Lawn Mowing
We pride ourselves on our ability to make a lawn look it's best. With the commercial grade mowers that we use, a perfect cut is guaranteed. There is also the option of having the grass mulched, which we highly recommend, or collected. Collected clippings can either be disposed of on your personal property or we can have them removed.

Grass & Weed Trimming
In some jobs, not being noticed is a good thing, like with grass and weed trimming. No one looks at a freshly cut lawn and says "Wow look at how nice the weed trimming looks!" It just doesn't happen. But if the grass and weeds aren't properly taken care of the lawn looks unfinished.

Sidewalk & Driveway Edging
Edging a sidewalk or driveway gives a lawn a crisp, well maintained look. Edging can be a once a week job or a once a season job it all depends on the size and type of your lawn and your personal preference.

Hedge and Small Bush Trimming
We have the ability to trim and shape small bushes and hedges to suit your needs. With gas powered hedge trimmers and a steady hand we carefully shape the bushes so that they receive the optimum water and sunlight.

Residential Landscaping Jobs
Sometimes you would like some mulch or a pile of black dirt spread over the side of a hill. We have all the tools and knowledge to do any small landscaping jobs. We can make you lawn look beautiful with our mowing services and improve the appearance of your yard with our landscaping skills.